The Concept

Do you ever feel invisible, like you don’t know your place in the world Well, Katryce Chan certainly would agree. In the half-hour action comedy Courageous Kat, hoping to save the world, a timid young girl becomes a superhero to take down her notorious family of villains and their far reaching evil network.

Born without superpowers into a villain family, half-human, and insecure, Katryce certainly has her work cut out for her. Did I mention her stepbrother is an evil genius, and their little sister is an elusive master of disguise? This family is the antithesis to the Incredibles. While her siblings are rotten to the core, Katryce struggles to find her voice and her true calling. Or so she thought until she finally found something worth fighting for the goodhearted people in the town of Snoozeville.

But will her parents ever grow to accept Katryce, especially when they are now fighting on opposite sides of the law? Who knows? But for every kid who struggles to find their voice, who feels like they are not living up to their family’s expectations, we have found your hero meet Katryce’s alter ego, Courageous Kat.